12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory

Charleston Convection Data Set

The data consists of profiles of pressure, temperature, and dewpoint at Charleston, SC from the NAM model initialized at 4/13/09 at 12Z. Profiles are given every 5 hours (12Z, 17Z, 22Z, 03Z).



(1) Plot profiles of the potential temperature θ on a single graph. What would you conclude about the stability from θ alone.

We know that the presence of water vapor makes air parcels potentially more unstable than a dry parcel at the same temperature and pressure.

(2) Plot profiles of the saturation equivalent potential temperature, θe* on a single graph. If the actual profile were saturated, which profiles would be unstable to moist convection?

Radar images at the 4 times listed above can be viewed here: 12Z, 17Z, 22Z, 03Z

(3) Describe the evolution of the convection through Charleston and compare it with your profiles of θe*. What has the convection done? Make the connection with your conclusions from Yuma and the tank experiment.

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