12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory

To download scatterometer data and plot the Rossby number for a case of your choice, follow these instructions.

1. Go to ftp://ftp.ssmi.com/qscat/bmaps_v04/ and download the daily file that best captures your tropical cyclone. Avoid the 3 day average files.

2. Unzip the downloaded file. Windows users: use 7-Zip. Linux users: in a terminal window, type gunzip followed by the full file name.

3. Once the file is unzipped, put it into a MATLAB folder along with the scripts get_scat_daily_v03.m and qscathurr.m. You are now ready to open the latter script and customize your case for plotting.  Modification of get_scat_daily_v03.m is not necessary. You may also download a sample data file depicting Hurricane Bertha to test the script as is.

4. Open qscathurr.m and enter the latitude and longitude of the storm's center, storm name, and unzipped scatterometer filename in the "user defined input variables" section. This script will then plot the wind fields for a 10 deg. lat x 10 deg. lon area centered at the point chosen.

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Last updated: February 21, 2012.