The competition can be great fun but also it provides an opportunity to learn more about the basic principles of meteorology and weather forecasting.
Note for the undergrads: the competition can be taken for fun or for credit. Here are the requirements for earning 3 units of credit:

Forecast for the entire year (4 stations for semester)
Do not miss forecasts at most one guidance per forecasted station.
Regular attendance of by-weekly meetings, where members of the team take turns to discuss the current weather situation, the station statistics and the model forecasts. These meetings are a social event (food is always provided) but they are also very important for learning how to forecast. You are expected to attend. If you cannot, please email jscott@mit.edu. not more than one meeting per semester should be missed.
Presentation/Forecast Discussion at one of the by-weekly meetings, preferably done as a group of two students. More experienced forecasters will be expected to present in the fall semester, newer members of the team in the spring.
Sign up for 12.091 Special Topics in EAPS  (with a PDF grade) please do this at the begging of the spring semester when you will be clearer about your commitment.


2011- 2012 MIT Forecast Team

Garrett Marino '2008
(Fall only)
Justin Schmidt '2010
(Fall only)


Lodovica Illari
Jeffery Scott
Angela Zalucha

Graduate Students:
Vince Agard, course 12
Daniel Chavas, course 12
Timothy Cronin, course 12
Austin DiOrio, course 16

Daniela Domeisen, course 12
Allison Wing, course 12

Jimmy Gasore, course 12 (Spring only)
Anastasia Maheras, senior, course 12
(Fall only)


Shaena Berlin, junior, course 12
Malik Coleman, senior, course 15
Roman Kowch, senior, course 12
Stefan Gimmillaro, senior, course 6 (Fall only)
Jaswanth Madhavan, junior, course 4

Ezekiel Willett, senior, course 16

Chris,  Klingshirn, freshman (Fall only)
Emily?? (Fall only)
mtep14??? (Fall only)



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